Welcome to my personal blog.

I am happy that you interested to read my blog, especially to be here, at my "About Me" page. 

I am a lecturer at Semarang State University (UNNES) since 2014. Before that, I am an IT Technician at BPTIK UNNES (since 2008, 1 year before I graduated in my first degree). Previously I studied Mathematics, start from 2005 in UNNES. Start from 2010 until 2012, I continued my studies at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in Computational Science Study Program.

I love create web application that can be useful to others. Some of my work listed below.
  1. Sistem Informasi Keuangan (Sikeu)
    This is the first project that I create for UNNES. This application is used to manage financial activities in UNNES, actively used since 2008 until now.
  2. Sistem Informasi Akuntansi (Siakunt)
    Siakunt helps in managing accouting data in UNNES.
  3. Sistem Informasi Penganggaran (Sianggar)
    Sianggar helps in financial planning in UNNES.
  4. Lakip Online (E-Lakip)
    E-Lakip is simple application which help in creating LAKIP documents in UNNES.
  5. E-Kegiatan
    E-Kegiatan helps in creating proposal and report for activities in UNNES.
  6. Sistem Datapokok (UKT)
    This application maintains new college student data for DSS (decision support system) in calculating each student's payment.
  7. Sistem Remunerasi Unnes
    This application helps in calculation of remunerasi for employee of UNNES.
  8. Aplikasi Survey Unnes
    This application helps in creating custom survey that can be injected into employee or student online activities in UNNES. Then, software can collect data and displaying result based on the survey.
  9. Aplikasi Pencatatan Ujian Praktek Calon Mahasiswa Baru Unnes
    This application helps in storing process and practice exam scores for students in FBS and FIK.
  10. Aplikasi Foto Mahasiswa Baru (Web Based)
    This applications is used to capture photo at new college student registration.
  11. Laman Pendaftaran dan Administrasi Tes TOEP dan TKDA - Pusat Layanan Tes Indonesia (PLTI - Tahun 2012)
  12. Aplikasi Flash untuk Tes TOEP (PLTI)
    This application created with Adobe Flash which embedded in web application for TOEP and TKDA tests.
  13. Aplikasi PDPT Tahun 2012-2013
  14. Sistem Keuangan Diktendik (Sisfokeu)
    This application helps in managing financial data in Directorate of Higher Education.
  15. Sistem Penilaian Angka Kredit Dosen (Diktendik)
    This application helps in managing assessment process of lecturer promotion in Directorate of Higher Education.
  16. Sistem Pelaporan Kontrak Diktendik-PT (Diktendik)
    This application helps in collecting reports of contract between Directorate of Higher Education and Colleges.
  17. Sistem Pengelolaan Beasiswa Dikti (mulai tahun 2014)
    This application helps in managing scholarship program in Directorate of Higher Education.
  18. Sistem Penempatan Dosen Magang Diktendik
    This application helps in lecturer registration for become a volunteer at one of best college in Indonesia.
  19. Sistem Seleksi Dosen dan Tendik Berprestasi Mulai Tahun 2015
    This application helps in administration (including assessment) of outstanding employee/lecturer competition.
  20. Sistem Pengelolaan Pelaksanaan Seminar Unnes
    This application helps to manage seminar in UNNES.
  21. Aplikasi Lapor Menteri Kemristekdikti
    This application helps in collecting report from academic society in Kemristekdikti.
  22. SIPP
    This application helps in managing research and social service activities in UNNES.
  23. E-Ujian
    Application for managing online test without paper.
  24. Sistem Payment UNNES
    This application helps in managing virtual account generation and monitoring in UNNES.
  25. Telegram BOT UNNES
    Small BOT for various purposes, such as sending broadcast messages, checking schedule, etc.
  26. Tracer Alumni UNNES
    Tracer application for recording alumni profile data.
  27. Sistem Akuntansi UMKM
    This application helps UMKM to manage it's accounting data.